PD2 Amplifier family

The PD2 amplifier family combines the functions of large amplifiers in a small housing. Particularly striking are the integrated

control elements which allow parameterisation to be carried out directly on site and without additional material.

  • As a solenoid option, the PD2 amplifier is fix connected with the solenoid coil, both mechanically and electrically
  • The PD2 module with a cable connection for installation which is offset from the valve body
  • Cartridge valve in a explosion protected execution, with integrated PD2 amplifier electronics under the screw plug
Product description

Thanks to the specially adjustable dither signals in the amplifier, the PD2 family leads to excellent
stability and greatly reduced hysteresis on the valves. Thereby the amplifier modules can
either be parameterised via the internal control panel or with the aid of the intuitively-controlled
parameterisation software PASO. The operator interface of this software is constructed in a
block arrangement. Clicking on the respective symbol opens up the corresponding window in
which the parameters can be set very easily and clearly. This way, in addition to the selection
of various signal types, ramp generators with individually adjustable ramp curves can also be
programmed. There are practically no limits to the many parameterisation options with or
without the PASO parameterisation software.

The PASO-software can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet page

  • Parameterisation / Programming is possible via the button function
  • Parameterisation / Programming is possible via the PASO software
  • Process data display is integrated in PASO
  • Comprehensive recording of signals is integrated in PASO
  • Remote control functions are possible via PASO
  • Can be used practically everywhere with very low planning costs
  • Simple and flexible integration and requiring little space
  • The comprehensive parameterisation options are particularly suited to the construction of prototypes
  • Wide field of application through a selection of varied signal standards for the control
  • Thanks to a broadly designed voltage input range, it can be used in various environments
  • Amplifier module integrated into the housing for use in explosion protection areas
Installed on solenoid coilData sheet-No. 1.1-330
Cable executionData sheet-No. 1.13-64
As ex-protection execution directly in the housingData sheet-No. 1.1-183