Brake systems


Proportional Valves for brake systems

Braking systems ensure the controlled deceleration and secure standstill of a complete plant respectively of its moving components. As security-relevant elements, they have to meet very high requirements. These depend on the particular range of applications. Braking systems thus have to be designed specifically for the intended service surroundings. The control of proportioning valves is performed using electronic control systems.


These determine respectively control the electric current through the solenoid. Overlaying a pulse width modulation with a dithering signal results in a very sensitive control of the valve with a small hysteresis. Typical application areas for hydraulically actuated braking systems are, among others:


  • Rail cars
  • Self-propelled work machines
  • Winches
  • Wind power Generators 
  • Material lifts
  • Textile plants
  • Cableways • Cranes